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🇺🇦 🖕

🍎 Battlepillars Farming Bot

Battlepillars Logo

🇷🇺 Руководство на русском!

💻 Requirements

  • JDK 11.0.17+8
  • SikuliX 2.0.5 или выше | SikuliX 2.0.5 or high
  • Jython 2.7.3 Standalone

💽 Installing Jython

Download jython-standalone-2.7.3.jar and place it in the specified paths for your operating system.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sikulix\Extensions
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Sikulix/Extensions
  • Linux: ~/.Sikulix/Extensions

🕹 Preparing the game

  1. Set in game settings window mode and window resolution 1024x768
  2. Select the «Chain» skin for the battlepillars
  3. Run a campaign and open Level 8
  4. As items of equipment, select third item: Medic, fourth item: Flamethrower
  5. Run the level (this is necessary so that Level 8 is always selected by default)

Bot Launch

  1. Open the game, go to the company and leave on the global map, so that level 8 is on the screen
  2. Open the script in SikuliX IDE
  3. Run the script

To stop script execution, use key combination [Alt]+[Shift]+[C].



Script to run SikuliX IDE with required version of JDK. The JDK directory is supposed to be located next to the IDE file (sikulixide-2.0.5.jar).