Internet Explorer on Linux
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Newer versions of wine do not create some directories that older versions
of wine apparently used to create.  When the ies4linux scripts try to copy
files into these missing directories, they fail.  So, pre-create the
directories using mkdir -p.
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IEs 4 Linux - Internet Explorers for Linux


This software was written by Sérgio Lopes <slopes at gmail>.
Many people helped with patches, suggestions and tests.

This is distributed under the GNU GPL. See LICENSE for the license terms.

Also, in order to install copyrighted software like Internet Explorer
you need to agree to their specific license. More information here:


1) Graphical user interface

   Just double-click the 'ies4linux' executable or run it on a terminal

   Currently, GUI is available on pygtk and kommander.

2) Command-line utility (automatic installation)

   Open a terminal and run
   ./ies4linux --no-gui

   To see possible options, run
   ./ies4linux --help


You will need both Wine and cabextract. Homepages:


Read the official Web page:
And the official forum:
And also the official blog:


There is always a partial changelog on our blog at:

Thanks for using this software!
Sergio Lopes